Backstage: Paolo Sebastian

Growing up, often girls dream of two things - what they're going to wear on their wedding day, and being a Disney Princess. Paolo Sebastian has combined the two and brought our wildest imagination to tangible form. 

Photos: Madeleine Gill for A-Z FILES
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Australia's finest couture designer, and Young Australian of the Year, Paul Vasileff, captivated an audience of 1000 as his models walked down a magical enchanted forest in his newest collection.

Vasileff set the scene with an emotional soundtrack of timeless tunes from Walt’s vault as the soundtrack for his Spring/Summer 2018 collection titled 'Once Upon A Dream'. But it was the dresses themselves that truly cast the magic spell — a mesmerising mix of fairytale ball gowns, dresses, capes and a jumpsuit, many adorned with embroidered motifs — such as the poison apple, bluebirds and a clock face to represent the stroke of midnight — and song lyrics from his favourite classics.

The breathtaking show was streamed live on Facebook where it was watched by Paolo Sebastian fans around the globe including Mary Costa who was the voice of Princess Aurora in the 1959 Disney classic Sleeping Beauty.

Making history happen in South Australia, one dress at a time



Stacey Hendrickson