Editorial: Bleach

We bleached Sophie Radford's brows on set, and this is what happened.

Photography: Alyssa @ Neon Theory, Styling: Stacey Hendrickson, Makeup: Abeera Haider, Hair: Janelle Zara

Model of the moment, Sophie Radford was born with platinum white blonde hair, and has been lucky enough to keep it ever since. Exactly eighteen years later - happy birthday Soph - it naturally remains as bright as it was the day she came into the world. Her milky pale skin often helps the assumption that she is perhaps, a fraction albino, but if you saw her naturally dark brows and bright blue eyes then you would know differently. 

We decided to pull together a wicked team to literally bleach Sophie's brows on set, while she wore local brands Simmone Standing, Siaban The Label and Cinquante, Alexander Wang and Givenchy. It was a very windy day, and the hair and makeup team were kindly holding the white backdrop in place the entire time - but on a brighter side, we think the breeze probably helped soothe Sophie's face from the stinging pain of BLEACH.

View Sophie's portfolio to see how she looked before this one-day transformation

Stacey Hendrickson