Is Rihanna an actual genius?

Step aside Kim and Kylie, the empire that is Rihanna is taking over the beauty world one shimmer stick at a time, with her newest launch of her empire Fenty Beauty.


Fenty Beauty has successfully found a void in the multi-billion dollar beauty industry by catering for girls of the palest skin to the darkest of tones. Which deserves all of the praise it's been getting because even though its 2017, it hadn’t really been done yet. Which begs the question – is Rihanna an actual genius, rather than just a musical one?

Rihanna broke the internet back in August, when she dropped her entire Fenty Beauty range exclusively to Sephora stores across Australia; which is a completely opposite approach to her competitor and the self-appointed ‘makeup queen’, Kylie Jenner, who likes to make us wake up at ridiculous times of night to buy her highly sought after lip kits.

Before the world of lip kits, Kylie Jenner was only worth $5 million. Her net worth has now soared to $50 million thanks to the success of her business Kylie Cosmetics. Kylie Jenner’s success is inspiring members of her family to follow suit, with Kim Kardashian, the OG of them all, releasing her own KKW Beauty contour kits this year in June raking in $15 million worth of sales to add to her ever-growing net worth.

These same results are expected for Rihanna’s beauty line once it begins releasing more products to the public, although without makeup, Rihanna still reigns supreme sitting on the greatest net worth of over $230 million, which includes a huge $70 million earnt in 2016 alone! The results don’t lie folks, the steps taken by Rihanna towards world domination have prompted other companies to follow suit. It is expected Fenty Beauty will skyrocket, as the beauty industry saw a 6% growth over the past year which makes it one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

Fenty Beauty has gained over 2 million followers on Instagram so far since August, there is still room to catch up to though as Kylie Cosmetics sits at over 14 million followers.
Best of luck, Bad Gal.

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Stacey Hendrickson