You're going to want this new App

If you are a lover of all things art, or if you want to take an art lover out on a first date and look like you know your shit, then this new app is for you.


Smartify is a new app similar to Shazam, but for the art world.

This app lets you immediately identify a piece of artwork and access detailed information by simply holding the camera in front of the art work, and letting face recognition do the rest.
Which is great news because it will make you sound like an expert on all things art, when you sadly aren't.

It might actually make you begin appreciating, admiring and engaging with art more, because you can actually build your own collection of favourite artworks within the app.

Let's clarify the most important reason we love this app, it means there will be no need for a tour guide to third wheel during your date anymore. #bonus

Get ahead of the art crowd, download Smartify:

Stacey Hendrickson