What a sight, of Julie White

It's time for a fiesta, to celebrate all things Julie White.

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If you haven't been living in a dark and monochrome cave, you've probably already heard of South Australian artist and designer, Julie White.

Julie makes statement fashion accessories out of hand drawn prints, inspired mostly by native Australian flora and fauna. Her newest range debuted at the much anticipated South Australian Showcase at Adelaide Fashion Festival, and we were lucky enough to capture a glimpse of her girls backstage before the show. Julie showcased beside some other very talented South Aussie's; some of our favourites including Alpha Be, Binny, Autark, and The Wolf Gang. 

These pieces of wearable art make it impossible not to keep a straight face. We just want to throw out hands up in the air and scream, 'we love you Julie White!'

To purchase pieces from the range, hit up Julie.
Julie White




Stacey Hendrickson