Slow Presentation

A festival celebrating all things non fast-fashion; that's what we're talking about.

Gasps and whispers were heard front row at last night's Adelaide's Slow Presentation. The sold out event was part of the new local sustainable project, SLOW Fashion Festival

SLOW is a thoughtful new venture that aims to showcase and celebrate local environmentally friendly fashion, with a program that combines a carefully curated marketplace with interactive presentations, talks and events.

It all began as just an idea between three good friends, each as eco-minded as the next, and it quickly turned into something as tangible as it is incredible. The non-profit program is entirely independently run with the support of likeminded Adelaide creatives who generously donated their time, to create Australia's first 10 day event sustainable fashion event. 

If you missed out the SLOW Presentation, have a look at their 10 day program here for what's still on.
Slow Fashion Festival



Stacey Hendrickson