Behind the Selfie #02

Kate Cameron-Smith - the girl who has been dubbed as the love child of Gemma Ward, Amanda Seyfried, Goldie Hawn and Miranda Kerr. Which probably has to be the biggest compliment in the world?

We caught up with Kate and asked her some questions she hasn't been asked before.

A-Z: What are you wearing right now?
Kate: I'm wearing a grey long sleeve tee tucked into jeans with a belt & and a puffy jacket, I just got home so I am shoeless.

A-Z: What are you most looking forward to?
Kate: The Myer Runway show in the Adelaide Fashion Festival which I'm walking in, and the end of the semester for Uni, I'm studying graphic design and visual communications.

A-Z: Have you ever been in love?
Kate: Yes, twice. Currently with a boy named Harrison Watkins, the boyfriend.

A-Z: Do you think you're a good kisser?
Kate: Well I hope I'm not a bad one haha

A-Z: Marry, pash, kill - Kanye West, Adam Sandler and Dr Phil, go.
Kate: I'd marry Kanye, pash Dr Phil, I'd and kill Adam Sandler (he is that annoying & you just can't kill Philly)

A-Z: What did you do on the weekend?
Kate: On the weekend I worked, went to a 21st birthday part and got buried in homework!

A-Z: My bucket list includes:
Kate: Ooooh my bucket list is forever building but a few things are:
* get splashed by a car driving through a puddle
* Go to space (but also no but kind of yeah... terrifyingly awesome)
* Buy a house
* have a family of my own (includes partner, babies and dogs!!)

A-Z: Can you please send me a selfie of you right now?