Part 1: How to get signed by an agency and stay signed

Attention all model-wannabees, we have the answers for you.


To most girls, dreaming of a modelling career may seem like an unrealistic goal; way up in the sky and far away from arm's reach. You may look up to women before you who have made it all the way; walking for Gucci and prancing around in Dior.

On the other side of the world your Aunty Beth tells you that you should be a model, and you just want to shake her and scream, 'but how?!'. Well perhaps it's time to calm down and just put some of these tips to practice instead. 

1. Look in the mirror
We do it every morning, but really look at yourself this time. Tell yourself that you are worthy of all of your dreams and it's up to you to make them happen. If modelling is your dream, stop waiting for someone to run up to you on the street with the golden ticket, and do it yourself. You never know just what a model agent might be looking for and you might just be it.

2. Get your mum to take some photos of you
Find some natural light, a family member or friend, and an iPhone. Take off your makeup and get your hair off of your face, because it's your time to shine. If you're comfortable and old enough then pop on a triangle bikini so you can show how bangin' your body is, if not then a body fitting singlet and jeans usually work fine too. Whatever you do, don't edit the photos, it's time to put down the FaceTune app.

Joanna Oud at AZALEA Models

Joanna Oud at AZALEA Models

3. Take your measurements
There is no wrong or right answer with this one, just be honest. Take your bust, waist and lower hip measurements - when taking your hip measurements it should be over the largest part of your hips. Also take your height measurement in cm's, but take your shoes off first, come on it's cheating!

4. Do your research
Google search the top modelling agencies in your home town and ask people you know. Don't pay attention to blogs and forums about them, as they are unfortunately usually written by competitors - yep it's happened! Have a look on their social media and reach out to girls who are already signed with the agency that you're looking at. Ask them if they are happy with their agent and get some feedback from the direct source. You can also look at our agency directory here.
If you are based in Adelaide, then AZALEA Models is great for girls who are looking to be high end international models. However there are some other reputable agencies who have commercial, talent and curve boards too. 

Nina Ricci A/W 18 by Sonny Vandevelde

Nina Ricci A/W 18 by Sonny Vandevelde

5. Get in touch
Find an email address and send across your snaps. Include your measurements, along with a bit of info about yourself like your age and location. Do not send your photos to anyone who claims to be a model scout unless they have an official email address affiliated with an agency.
Now sit back, and give it a couple of weeks, agencies get hundreds of these types of emails so just be patient! If you don't hear back, don't take it to heart and just try a different agency.

6. The meeting
So they liked your photos and have asked you to come in for a meeting next week. Crap, you didn't expect that, now what?!
Just breath, the agency will want to meet you in person and see if you look like you do in your pictures (which you would because you took Step 2 and removed all makeup and didn't edit your photos, right?). They also want to see that you have a good personality, so just be yourself, have good manners and show that you are enthusiastic about the opportunity. 

Stay tuned for Part 2 of 'How to get signed by an agency and stay signed'


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