6 genuinely cool sustainable fashion brands you have to know about

Ethical is the new black

Source: Kalaurie

Source: Kalaurie

1. Autark

Like most good things, this home made label was conceptualised in Adelaide, South Australia. The luxury brand aims to slow the fashion process, with impeccably handmade clothing using the most luxurious fabrics.

“It’s really important for me to use natural fibres that feel amazing to wear”, says Sophia McMahon, the head designer of Autark.

Our personal favourite is the hand painted wrap dress collaborating with local Adelaide blogger and artist, Mary Lawas.



2. KitX

This brand is a lot similar to other brands we love, in the way that it is on trend, easily available, flattering for women, and won’t break the bank. The only difference is that the bulk of the research that lead the head designer, Kit Willow, to launch the label had to do with environmentalism and sustainability — where and how to find fabrications and manufacturing that would help instead of harm the planet.

The brand’s site pledges that all material is highly traceable and non-toxic, as well as attempting to create designs with integrity that will stand the test of time



3. Rave Review

After successfully showing at last season's Paris Fashion Week, Rave Review has earned its spot as one to watch.

The brainchild of two students of Stockholm's Beckmans College of Design, Josephine Bergqvist and Livia Schück, their clothes are made up entirely of pre-existing textiles and clothes. Upcycled couture may read as oxymoronic for some, but these Scandi friends are hell-bent on proving otherwise.




4. KowTow

Ethical and sustainable values are at the core of Kowtow. All Kowtow garments are certified by non-profit internationally recognised organisations.

Head designer of the New Zealand based brand, Gosia Piatek, says “To me, sustainability is being mindful. First and foremost, it is about making and growing something in an ethical and sustainable manner, or recycling and reusing if not. I also want to make sure that everyone in the production chain is being rewarded fairly for what they do, without being exploited.”



5. Jeanerica

Here comes another Swedish ethical design duo, but this time it’s Lena Patriksson and Jonas Clason who originally met many years ago while working at H&M.

If the chic minimalism of Jane Birkin, Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy and Depp-era Kate Moss is your cup of tea then look no further than Jeanerica.

The brand specialises in organic cotton denim pieces and organic or recycled cotton t-shirts all in the perfect cut. With the limited use of the famously thirsty plant that cotton is, and also limiting the polluting washing and finishing process, these are relatively guilt-free cotton items.



6. Kalaurie

Handcrafted in Melbourne, Kalaurie is a womenswear brand that was founded with storytelling, craftsmanship, quality and environmental consciousness in mind.

This brand is the furthest thing away from the image of a ‘hemp beige cotton dress’ in your head when you used to think of sustainable fashion. Think soft sheer lace and cropped shirts with balloon sleeves. It’s really just the cherry on top that the brand is basically the definition of "slow fashion" — all pieces are ethically made to order in Melbourne, which hugely cuts down on the waste of excess stock and questions about how laborers are being treated. 

Thankyou, Kalaurie Karl-Crooks.



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