Melbourne based model, Adau Mornyang, may be sentenced to 21 years in US jail

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Source: Cool Pretty Cool

Source: Cool Pretty Cool

We have been a big believer and lover of Adau from her early days, you may recognise her from our prediction of Top Aussie Faces to Watch in 2018.

But in breaking news, Mornyang is possibly facing jail time in the US for a maximum of 21 years after allegedly attacking staff en route from Melbourne to New York via Los Angeles. The young model is pleading innocent, as she says all she can remember is "waking up after sleeping for eight hours", according to the Herald Sun, saying she had two glasses of wine and took prescription drugs before going to sleep.

The emerging model allegedly slapped a flight attendant in the face during a United Airlines flight back in January. Mornyang denies the attack and has described her arrest as “an ordeal.”

She claims other passengers and flight attendants said there was "never a slap".

The 24 year old South Sudanese model was found guilty by a US court, she will face sentencing in June.

Adau recently made a strong statement on her Instagram, and the reaction of love was overwhelming, including comments of affection from work colleagues and clients.

In recent years, Adau has become an advocate against rape victim-blaming culture, particularly in South Sudanese communities.

Our thoughts will be with Adau and her family and friends at this time.

Words by Faye Couros

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