This model agent took a disposable camera to Adelaide Fashion Festival

63 bookings, 7 outfits, 4 hours sleep

Source: Stacey Hendrickson

Source: Stacey Hendrickson

At 26, Stacey Hendrickson, is the co-owner of AZALEA Models. She started the agency with her Mum in 2013.

Almost five years on, AZALEA Models is the top agency in Adelaide, and one of the top mother modelling agencies in the world. Their models are signed to international companies such as IMG Worldwide, Elite Worldwide and Next Worldwide.

We gave Stacey a disposable camera and asked her to take some snaps throughout her Adelaide Fashion Festival 2018 week.


The team at Rogers Underwear were nice enough to gift of our girls with a week’s supply of undies. I went backstage to go and give the girls their gifts, they even gave a few to me! It’s as close as I’ll ever get to having Travis Boak in my pants.


Hannah Marwick walking for Acler. Us agents are lucky enough to snag front row tickets for most shows. I usually try to sneak in a friend or a model who wasn’t booked for that show. Hannah is walking surprisingly well considering she was staying on a blow up mattress in my living room.


One of my highlights - in the fitting room for Couture Culture, styled by Caroline Tran. I helped Caroline out at fittings and backstage, and it was very interesting to see the other side of things. I watched the team discuss which models to drop and which models to get in last minute, and why. I think it can be one of the most intriguing things to be a fly on the wall. The room was chaotic - designers, models and pins everywhere. I think I would love to style an AFF show one day, but probably not anytime soon.


Beck Hume, Sophie Radford and Hannah Miller backstage at Couture Culture. Beck is channeling her grumpy expression because she booked 10 shows and hardly had any time to sleep. I scored heaps of free tickets to the next show, so Sophie, Hannah and I went and watched her together.


Kiarra Jeromin backstage for Couture Culture, wearing Calèche. Kiarra is a seasoned veteran when it comes to the Adelaide runways, we’re trying to get her passport ready so she can start tackling bigger things next year.


The amazing Sharmonie Cockayne in the fitting room for Acler, she was assisting Sarah Starkey for the week. Sharm if you’re reading this, we’re overdue for a wine.


Celebrating with wine, Kate Cameron-Smith and Kiarra Jeromin, after Thursday’s shows were finished, it was the biggest night of the week. I was helping Caroline for Couture Culture all day, which is why I am wearing jeans and no makeup. I thought I would get time to duck home and get ready to watch shows, I only live around the corner, but no luck.


We put together some ‘AFF Survival Packs’ for our girls who booked shows. They included KX Pilates vouchers, Voost vitamins, Twinnings tea, Kosmea lipbalm, Davroe Haircare samples, Makeup Forever lipstick, Peckish rice crackers, Taboo stickers, and cans of Aqua Pura Fruit Splash sparkling water.


Beck Hume walking for Acler. This is her last walk for the week, and as much as I’m sure she had fun, she’s probably thinking ‘thank the lord’.

Sophie Radford and I watching the Aje show. I look really happy because I’d just had a nap, Sophie looks really happy because it was her birthday.


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