Ariana Grande engaged after 24 days

Woah, that's a bit soon.

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While some of us ‘see’ someone unofficially for a year before we even consider dating them 'casually', in Hollyweird they do things a little differently. 

After a whirlwind month of romance Ariana Grande and SNL comedian Pete Davidson are reportedly engaged.

Yeah, that’s right after a month!

I know some people who spend a month deciding what colour they should dye their hair or what mascara they should switch to, but I guess when it comes to love when you know you know!?

Image credit: @arianagrande

Image credit: @arianagrande

The two started causing a quiet buzz on May 12th when they were seen getting cozy at an SNL after-party, and boy did it escalate quickly from there. 

This came out soon after Ariana and her boyfriend rapper Mac Miller ended their long-term relationship, in the same month Pete publicly announced he broke up with Cazzie David, the daughter of Larry David

But instead of wallowing on their sofa, listening to break up songs and going on long gloomy walks, these two wasted absolutely no time sulking and I kinda admire their ability to move on so damn fast.

However, Ariana was forced to speak out against fans who blamed her for Mac Millers DUI, she released a statement on Instagram about societies tendency to blame women for the shortcomings of men.

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Image credit: Twitter


Keen eyed fans noticed shortly after the SNL after party that Pete and Ariana started liking each other’s posts on Instagram, and since this is the cornerstone of modern-day courtship, it was clear something was up.

But this child’s play didn’t last long because on May 30 the world got its first official announcement, confirming their relationship. The two are wearing Hogwarts robes, and the comedian aptly used the caption “the chamber of secrets has been opened…” obviously referencing coming out to fans as a couple.

Then the world got what it really wanted, a slightly disturbing sexual innuendo from Ariana in the comments section, when she commented “u tryna slytherin”– I always say a bad pun is still a good pun, so I guess good on you Ari!

Okay, so I hope you have managed to keep up because now it is June 2nd and Pete gets not one but two tattoos’ in honor of his girlfriend. One is of Dangerous Woman era bunny ears and her initials AG on his thumb.

Image credit: @arianagrande

Image credit: @arianagrande


I have recently established that in La La Land, they do things a little bit differently, and that’s the only way we can justify their seriously outrageous antics. Let’s never forget about Kim Kardashion's 72 day marriage. 

But like surely a guy getting tattoos about you less than a month is a warning sign?  I’m right, right?

Admittedly, I freaked out when a guy talked about us in future tense after two weeks, but this is definitely a sign things are moving too fast.

So that’s right folks, your favorite diva is officially off the market and we aren’t mad but whoa what a rollercoaster, but not going to lie this has been really fun to watch and I wish them all the best.

Words by Faye Couros

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