Model of the Week: Astrid Holler

She ain't no Holler back girl.

We went on an adventure with Australia's sweet heart, Astrid Holler, and chatted about working with some of the best designers in the world.

A-Z: Hi Astrid! You have walked for some impressive brands like Alexander Wang and Chanel, what do you do differently to prepare for these shows backstage and do you have any pre-show rituals?
Astrid: Hey, yes I have! Usually I try to get a good night sleep before the shows so i’m feeling calm and energised. Back stage I like to talk to people, learn things about them, people watch haha. Its usually a stressful environment for the designers, hair and make up teams,  stylists, new models etc. 

A-Z: Traveling has to be the biggest perk as a model, but Australia is so far from everything else, how do you deal with homesickness if you even feel it at all?
Astrid: Yes, I do definitely feel it. I try to keep myself busy. Weather thats working, going on bush walks, seeing new museums, taking short weekend trips to somewhere cool (like Iceland). Living in a different city can be hard sometimes but if I keep busy theres always something new to see or do. 

A-Z: Where is your favourite place to go back to?
Astrid: NYC, LA. Its fun, great lifestyle and great work. 

A-Z: If you could relive any moment from your career so far, what would it be?
Astrid: Hard question. Probably after I opened Alexander Wang, coming home to Australia and seeing everyone so excited and happy. 

A-Z: When you aren’t modelling or have any responsibilities, what could someone catch you doing?
Swimming in the ocean, bushwalking, at the gym. 

A-Z: Would you rather always get a brain freeze when you eat ice cream or burn your tongue every time you have coffee?
Burn my tongue every time i drink coffee because I don’t drink it hehe. 

Model: Astrid Holler @ Priscilla's
Photography: Samantha Hughes
Clothing: PAM Store

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