The two Australian's walking in Victoria's Secret this year

It's safe to say that almost every models' dream is to wear a pair of Angel wings and walk down the Victoria's Secret runway, while winking to Justin Bieber and blowing a kiss to the cameras.

These are the two lucky Australian ladies you may never have heard of, but are soon to become house hold names after the 2017 show.

Name: Victoria Lee
Age: 26
Nationality: Australian
Hometown: Narrandera, NSW
VS History: This will be Victoria's first Victoria's Secret show

Name: Kelly Gale
Age: 22
Nationality: Half Indian, half Australian. Kelly was actually born in Sweden but we're going to claim her anyway
Hometown: Gothenburg, Sweden
VS History: Made her Angel debut in 2013, then walked again in 2014

The show will be filmed on Monday November 20 and be broadcasted on 28 November in the United States on CBS. The air date and channel for Australia hasn't been released yet, but we can confirm that we'll be trying to illegally stream that shit anyway.

Victoria and Kelly bonding over their newly acclaimed wings

Victoria and Kelly bonding over their newly acclaimed wings


Good luck girls!