Our Top Picks: Back To Uni Essentials

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It’s that time again…. the first week back at Uni.

While we could narrow that to simply stationary shopping, preparing for university means much more than simply picking up a few pens and pencils. Often, it is taken as a way of expressing oneself both sartorially and practically. Commuting to university everyday can mean that our everyday bags are crammed with textbooks, water bottles, snacks and multiple tubes of lip balm, of course!

Not sure where to start with your university essentials shopping? Or maybe you might have left it to the last minute? Never fear, the A-Z Files is here to help! Take a look through our guide of essentials and why you need to add these to your shopping cart.

1. Leather Personal Zip Planner by Kikki K

PRICE: $84.95

To frantically scribble down your lecture notes, of course! Stand assured that notebooks are run through at a rapid rate during the semester so starting with one in your bag already ensures an organised start to the year.

2. Gucci GG Supreme Portfolio

PRICE: Not Important

As university students, any form of technology is enough to break the bank if in need of repairs so it is always better to be safe than sorry and ensure that your laptop is indeed protected at all costs, even if that cost is more than the laptop itself.

3. Mesh Pouch Set by Kikki K

PRICE: $29.95

The babushka of pouches. The key to a successful year is organisation, and what better way to stay organised than to seperate your eyebrow pencil from your 2B.

4. Prada Fabric Backpack

PRICE: $2,200

You wouldn’t want to leave this one on the bus. So okay, it might be out of the price point for most, but we can only dream. What other reason do we have for studying a four year law degree other than to be able to afford some Prada luggage?

5. Porcelain Travel Cup by Kikki K

PRICE: $19.95

Do your bit for the environment by minimising your single use plastic utilisation and make sure a Keep Cup is in your uni shopping cart. Kikki K have released some funky new designs, to ensure your environmental impact is both stylish and impactful.

Words by Sonia Blair

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