The people have spoken, they want you to #BoycottBalenciaga

Luxury fashion house Balenciaga have made two public apologies after a Paris store's salesclerk insulted Chinese customers in the queue, telling them to get out and never return to buy shoes.

Soon after the incident, the hashtag #BoycottBalenciagaDiscriminatesChinese spread across social media service Weibo, drawing millions of page views.

Balenciaga Resort 2018

The bizarre incident erupted when a Chinese woman criticized five foreigners for jumping the line. One of the jumpers pushed the woman away and threatened to punch her. When her son jumped to her defence, he was beaten to the ground by the group.

A store security guard arrived and dragged the man away as he was being beaten, according to a four-second video circulated on Chinese social media and YouTube.

The hashtag "boycotting Balenciaga's discrimination toward Chinese" attracted more than 19.3 million page views on China's official Sina Weibo microblog as of press time.  

"Balenciaga shoes are beautiful, but such an episode is an eye-opener," said one Weibo user. Another wrote: "You can say goodbye to the Chinese market."

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