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Photo credit: Anya Belle

Photo credit: Anya Belle


With Youtube growing bigger and bigger every day, there is an overwhelming influx of self-titled beauty gurus. Sometimes it’s hard to find the genuine ones, who actually recommend good beauty products and have a personality we can all relate to. We’ve sifted through the beauty vlogging stratosphere to put together our favourite channels.

1. Esteé Lalonde

While Esteé Lalonde pioneers the natural freckly ‘no make-up’ look, she’s sometimes a sucker for a bold lipstick. With her huge passion for all things beauty and her huge stash of beauty products, she always has something to recommend that other beauty gurus are yet to get their hands on. Despite Lalonde’s taste having grown more luxurious  throughout the years, she still remains relatable and honest in product reviews. 

2. Gothamista

Beauty products always become tricky when it boils down to the ingredient list. What are we really slapping on our face? With the ingredients list comprising of all these long tricky chemical names, the science behind our skincare can seem a bit overwhelming. Fear no more with Renée from Gothamista. It’s evident that Renee has a lot of knowledge regarding skincare and what ingredients work for different skin types. Her explanations of the latest beauty trends and products are informative and concise, making skincare fun and less daunting for everyone. Also, doesn’t she just have the most soothing voice ever?

3. The KLOG

Korean beauty and skincare is taking the world by storm. Whether it’s the assortment of sheet masks, the slippery snail mucin-based toners or the rigorous 10-step skincare method, many have hopped on the ‘K-beauty’ bandwagon. Charlotte Cho from Soko Glam is one of the pioneers of K-beauty and curated an array of beauty products from South Korea that have become holy grails to many around the world. Cho scours the streets of Seoul and meets with industry experts to inform viewers of the current trends and holy grails of K-beauty. Only good (skin) days ahead!

4. Rachel Nguyen

Although Rachel Nguyen’s channel doesn’t solely focus on skincare and make-up, we can’t help but include her for the sheer quality of her beauty videos. With the glowiest and most sun-kissed of all skins, Nguyen’s philosophy is more about enhancing natural beauty. While her make-up tutorials are more visually pleasing to watch, her skincare videos are concise and super informative. Also, she’s just a super cool girl!

Words by Jenny Qian

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