Model of the Week: BETHANY ROSEWARNE

Hailing all the way from Newcastle

A-Z: Hi Bethany, how do you organise living in Newcastle and modelling for an Adelaide agency? Of course we are lucky to have such great communication tech.
You are so right! We are extremely lucky to be in a world that has such great communication technology. If it wasn’t for social media, Stacey, my agent wouldn’t have found me in the first place!

A-Z: Being a little on the shorter side, do you think the modeling industry should introduce more height diversity?
Overall I think the modelling industry is trying to have a more diverse range of models; not just in height but also more racial diversity and different shapes and sizes. I believe it’s truly a great move on the industries behalf as it allows them to be more representative of the real world. Being on the shorter side myself, of course I’d love for the modelling industry to be more open, especially when it’s only a few centimetres. I feel that if someone has what it takes, the small details shouldn’t be scrutinised over.  

A-Z: Which Aussie designer would you like to work for next?
I’d love to work for Paul Vasileff of Paolo Sebastian. When I saw the photos of some of the AZALEA girls walk in his show during Adelaide Fashion Festival, I was astounded by the beauty of the dresses and how intricate the detailing of each dress was.  

A-Z: What is your eyebrow routine, if you have one?
Most days my eyebrows are lucky if they even get brushed. When they begin to look especially scruffy I’ll tweeze the middle of my brows and a few stray hairs but I’ll usually keep the taming of the brows to a minimum.

A-Z: When you show up to a shoot what is the one thing you need before you get your pose on?
Personally, I’m fuelled by music. Normally before a shoot I’ll listen to some music and dance around to get myself in the zone to shoot. At most of the shoots I’ve done, there has normally been some sort of music playing in the background and I’ve really felt that it’s helped me get my pose on.

A-Z: If you could swap lives with another model for a day, who is she and what will you do?
If I could swap lives with another model for a day, it would be Barbara Palvin. I’ve always thought she was beautiful, however, when I watched her recent video with Vogue Australia I really admired how genuine and down to earth she came across as. If I was to live as Barbara, I think I’d live her day of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show for this year. Secretly just between you and me, I’m only in it for Dylan Sprouse to bring me burgers at the end of the show…. but you know walking down a catwalk in amazingly crafted outfits and wings is cool too.

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Photos by Samantha Hughes
Clothing: Pseushi and model’s own

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