Model Feature: Bethany Rosewarne

Okay, so I think we may have just found the best looking person on the planet.

With a face like this, who needs a personality? It's not very fair that Bethany Rosewarne has both.
We sat down with the newest face at AZALEA Models, standing at 5'8 and unvealing the best brows known to man.

A-Z: Hello! What a gorgeous face you have. Tell us a bit more about yourself?
BR: Hi there, thankyou so much.  I’m Bethany Rosewarne, I’m sixteen and live in Newcastle, NSW. I’m currently in Year 11 and plan on finishing my HSC and then want to study nutrition, which will come in handy for modelling. People that know me will tell you I’m a bit of a nerd and am often cooped up in my cave, aka bedroom, doing homework. When I’m not embracing my inner Lisa Simpson, I love to go exploring outdoors, dancing and being creative by taking and editing photos.

A-Z: What’s something about you that nobody else knows?
Well if it’s something that no one’s meant to know, that means that if I tell you then someone will know. And if you know something that no one is meant to know that means that unfortunately…. I’ll have to kill you.

A-Z: How were you scouted?
BR: AZALEA Models and I have mutually been following each other on Instagram for quite a while. Earlier this year Stacey from AZALEA commented under a post of mine, of me with my cat Luna. We chatted back and fourth on email and then she invited me to come to Adelaide for a workshop. I guess I was ‘officially’ scouted at the end of the two day course.

Who would be your dream client?
I’d love to work for Calvin Klein and Dolce & Gabbana. Oh and of course every models absolute dream is Victoria’s Secret!

A-Z: Have you ever been in love?
BR: Ahh love, such a complicated concept. I would say that I have been in love and truly experienced it for the first time just recently. Unfortunately, there were some circumstances out of our control that set us on separate paths. However, do you ever really fall out of love? Do these people always hold that special place in our heart that no one else can? Do you have to love someone enough to let them go and see whether they gravitate back towards you? At 16 do I even have the slightest clue on what being in love really is? I think I have more questions than answers for you there.

A-Z: If you could eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
This question is torture for a girl who loves her food as much as I do! I’d probably have to say berries (strawberries, blueberries and raspberries). Whenever I see them in the fridge they make my day. Sometimes, but rarely, they even last longer than a day.

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