These Instagram influencers have been busted for pretending to be black

Welcome to 2018.

Photo credit: Emma Hallberg

Photo credit: Emma Hallberg

We all know that people tend to fabricate things on social media and not everything is what it seems. But when you pretend to be another race for attention and compensation, we’re going to have a problem. 

Instagram influencers and celebrities have been appropriating black culture for years, we see you Kylie Jenner.

To bring us awareness and possibly some entertainment, a Twitter account has recently surfaced called ‘@ni***rfished’, which aims to out white people who pretend to be black on Instagram. 

This racial cosplay, or glorified blackface as we like to call it, has taken to an all new low in 2018.  These girls are wearing wigs, hair extensions, weaves, excessively tanning, injecting who knows what and claiming to have African-American heritage, with their hundreds of thousands of fans none the wiser. It can be so unbelievably uncanny that a side-by-side comparison is necessary to see the difference.

The first perpetrator is Swedish Instagram figure Emma Hallberg, who has been using what seems to be a heavy hand of Bondi Sands to portray herself as black-adjacent. When the blogger posted a YouTube video of her makeup routine where her foundation was around three shades darker, it raised quite a few suspecting eyebrows. A lot of her followers thought that Emma was half black, but if you look at old Instagram pictures of her, there’s a significant difference in how she looks.

This trend doesn’t just extend to Insta girls, the Kardashians are probably the most prolific offenders; their whole brand is dedicated to looking racially ambiguous – wearing corn rows in their hair, calling OJ their uncle, dating black basketballers and modifying their ass(ets).

The way the white fame-hungry have turned ‘blackness’ into a trend and don’t acknowledge their actions is a new form of inherent racism, and these girls need to rethink the effect of their social media footprint.


Words by Faye Couros

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