What we think of Burberry's new logo

So fresh

Photo credit: Burberry

As if the anticipation for Riccardo Tisci’s first Burberry collection wasn’t high enough, the brand has teased us with its new logo.

The brand gave Peter Saville four weeks to create the imagery, which is a ridiculously short period considering small businesses take months to get theirs right. Luckily Saville is a branding genius if his work on Calvin Klein’s logo last year is anything to go by.

Burberry hasn’t changed its logo in 20 years, so this is a huge deal for the heritage brand, and is the first glimpse into what is to come.

Inspired by original founder of the brand, Thomas Burberry, the intertwining red and honey colours on the monogram are a nod to the brand's history. Whereas the logo is unlike anything we have seen from the company, it is fresh and distinctly modern. 

Burberry is the type of brand that is reliable and consistent, however, Tisci is expected to shake things up and push the brand into the forefront of fashions conscious. 

Could Burberry possibly knock Gucci off its pedestal?

Sounds ambitious, but competition only fuels more creativity and considering fashion can be stale at the best of times these days, this can only be a good thing.

Tisci’s début collection will show during fashion week in September, and we wish we could fast-forward time to this historical moment.  

Words: Faye Couros

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