Breaking news: Celine has completely re-branded

He's done it again

Photo source: Karl Lagerfeld

Photo source: Karl Lagerfeld

Early this year, Hedi Slimane became the creative director of Céline and its only now that the brand is going through some major changes.

First of all, the accent on the é of Céline has been removed, making the brand simply Celine.

In an Instagram post, the brand name was altered to create a minimal aesthetic reminiscent of Celine’s collections during the 1960s, where the accent was often left out.

On Celine’s Instagram, all images during former Phoebe Philo’s appointment at Celine have been deleted, and replaced with three posts featuring gold, glittery fabric.

The gold fabrics means the logo is yet to be unveiled.

In many ways, the accent drop is similar to when Slimane changed Yves Saint Laurent to Saint Laurent in 2012.

Slimane received a lot of criticism during the Saint Laurent’s renaming and as some say, “Ain’t no Laurent without the Yves”.

Will this be the same for the changes he will make at Celine?


Words by Jenny Qian

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