Chanel has just dropped a men's makeup line

This one's for the boyz

Photo source: Chanel

Photo source: Chanel


In a world that is increasingly obsessed with the gender debate, ie should they exist or not, Chanel's just gone and let us know that they definitely should. And it's left the internet quite confused.

This November, the fashion house is launching its first-ever line of makeup for men, called Boy De Chanel. It begs the question as to why it's even necessary -  isn't makeup already for everyone anyway? And do we really need different formulas and packaging? This year we've seen sports stadiums remove gender specific signs, so this all just seems a bit backwards to us.

Of course Chanel isn’t the first luxury fashion house to launch make-up for men - Tom Ford has a concealer, two brow definers and a lip balm in its men’s beauty offering, as well as a seriously good Bronzing Gel that we can confirm is just as beloved among the women of the Vogue beauty team as the men it is designed for. It's worth pointing out that many men who wish to wear make-up may well have been using Chanel's signature line for years, but this is the first time that the brand has created make-up products specifically for men in its 108-year history.

This new cosmetics range, will contain an eyebrow pencil in four shades, a lightweight formula foundation in eight shades and a matte lip balm.

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