Emily Ratajkowski Just Released Her Dreamy El Camino Shirts

We will take one of each thanks!

Source: Alter

Source: Alter

Emily Ratajkowski just made this winter a drag, as her clothing brand Inamorata Woman just released 7 of their summer El Camino shirts and we want.

If you thought that these designs looked familiar, you’re spot on.

Ratajkowski made sure to use the same prints from her swimwear collection, giving us the option to mix and match. These shirts were designed for beach cover-ups, but most importantly to be worn with your favourite jean.

Ratajkowski had been parading in the designs for a while before releasing her product, giving us a taste of what is to come and unfortunately for our bank accounts, we like what we see and want them all.

Ratajkowski states on Instagram ‘I was always stealing Sebo’s shirts so decided we should have our own.’

Thank you Sebo, for giving our girl some inspo!

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