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Credit: PAQ

Credit: PAQ


Let’s be honest — we all spend a lot time on Youtube, whether it’s watching the latest videos from your favourite channels or binge watching compilations of cute, fluffy animals. Once, fashion bloggers and vloggers were the periphery of the fashion industry. However, as social media has taken a rise in popularity, personalities on the Internet very much have a say in the trends and news of the fashion industry.

Here are some fashion Youtubers that you should be watching!


If you’re looking for a channel that talks about fashion in the most ‘fun, sassy, bitchy, analytical way’, Luke Meagher from HauteLeMode has you sorted. While fashion documentaries can be insightful, learning about the fashion world is much more digestible with Luke. As a 23-year-old fashion student at FIT, his knowledge of the industry and incredible wit make his content so entertaining yet educational. With savage roasts of the latest runways and impartial critiques of the industry, the self-proclaimed ‘fashion commenter and meme queen’ is a young voice that unapologetically tells the industry what young consumers care about.



Every fashion enthusiast has probably heard of the renown blogger, Aimee Song from SongofStyle. In the past year, Aimee has stepped up her Youtube game, posting a range of content, such as fashion month vlogs, skincare and beauty videos, PR hauls, healthy snack recipes and styling tutorials. As Aimee takes viewers behind-the-scenes of fashion, she interviews an array of fashion insiders, such as designers, make-up artists, and creative directors. Inspiring her supporters to follow their dreams, she also offers her own advice on succeeding in the fashion industry. According to Aimee, Youtube is her favourite platform as filming herself allows herself to be most candid, revealing that not everything is perfect in the world of fashion. Also, her bubbly personality is just infectious and a joy to watch!



In terms of a unique sense of street style, Avery Ginsberg from GearedTowardGear is someone anyone can draw inspiration from. While his style is mainly clean-cut, his outfit always possesses a slight edge, whether it’s his Rick Owens glitter boots, his chunky black metal rings or Maison Margiela necklace. Avery makes videos on the history of iconic clothing items, DIY videos and monthly fashion favourites. He also has insightful videos about opening his fashion brand, STAATSBALLET, alongside his girlfriend, Kaillee Mckenzie who also has a Youtube channel that’s equally entertaining.



Jenny Welbourn from WearILive depicts your everyday girl living in New York. Focusing on sustainable living, Jenny is the queen of slow fashion. Not only does she have the best thrifting tips, but she also gives the best advice when it comes to shopping more ethically and consciously. Throwaway fast fashion is creating an environmental crisis nowadays so it’s nice to see someone discussing this issue. Describing her style as ‘grandma meets grandpa’, Jenny shows that second-hand clothing can still be cheap, sustainable and très chic!


5. PAQ

PAQ has the boys covered when it comes to the streetwear scene. The four friends, Danny, Dex, Elias and Shaq experiment with all sorts of clothing pieces to create a killer outfit. These boys compete with each other in challenges where they need to style themselves or others within a certain theme or budget. Each of these boys have a different sense of style and offer something refreshing to the table. From challenges of styling womenswear to thrifted clothing, PAQ shows that fashion is fluid and there are no boundaries when it comes to expressing oneself.  


Words by Jenny Qian

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