Meet the designers showing at FDS The Innovators '20

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Source: Mi’an’Mar

Source: Mi’an’Mar


Valeska is an award winning designer with over 25 years of design experience in both graphic and jewellery design. Focussed on Australian sustainable and biodegradable fashion, Valeska has created her Resort 2019 collection using only Australian merino wool, organic linen, recycled fish net lycra and pure silk. Inspired by Australia’s most iconic landmark, the Sydney Opera House, Valeska translates the silhouettes, textures and colours into a timeless collection, designed to last a lifetime. Two of Valeska’s collection pieces are currently on display at the MAAS Powerhouse Museum until November 2019. | @valeska_the_label


Sarah Moore’s Manon the label has a dark , melancholy & romantic aesthetic that blurs the lines between whimsical and dismay. The label challenges and provokes beliefs through hauntingly beautiful clothes that act as an essential element to growth and personal evolution. The collections explores 20th century philosophy Carl Jung, who examined the “duality of man” within his Shadow theory and acts as an inspiration to explore the idea of layers of self. | @manonthelabel


Mia Rodriquez of Mi’an’Mar dedicates this collection to the Mar in Mi’an’Mar. Designed to be seen, Mia fines beauty in the art of colours with a kaleidoscope of print and a complexity of layering to achieve a timeless yet fun attitude. References from the past contributes to making Mi’an’Mar exclusively unique. | @mianmarthelabel


The eponymously named label Ineson aims to be a vanguard in the reaction against fast fashion with a collection that is is refined, sophisticated, deconstructed and feminine. Kate has used her graduate collection as a playground for studying and exploring traditional and unique pattern making methods. The collection merges these processes and expands upon them. This experimental approach creates the innovative silhouettes and details that Ineson strongly identifies with. The collection focuses on contrasting unique textures, a refined colour palette, high end fabrications and quality construction. This sets the tone for garments that promote escapism through fashion as art. The collection, while highly conceptual, is still firmly focused on remaining wearable and long lasting. | @inesonthelabel


Jinay the label collection places emphasis on the silhouette, colour and texture through unique and beautifully crafted pieces with a vintage twist. Inspired by bold colours, vintage silhouettes and techniques and collaging different eras and periods with screen printing, beading and fusing of ribbons on to fabric to create pattern.

George Habibeh

George Habibeh brings traditional Haute Couture techniques to adorn the contemporary woman to become a modern muse of fashion. The fashion house is synonymous with couture, tailored to perfection, tailored to each of our unique clients. Using fine fabrics and trims from around the world, each garment is designed with the contemporary woman in mind. | @georgehabibehcouture

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