This feminist app has been banned from App Store

If you're a supporter of the #FreeTheNipple movement, and believe all body parts should be viewed as equal, then join the club. 

nood is a photo editing app created in the USA, by Melina DiMarco, to battle the shame, restriction, and hypocrisy women face on the subject of nudity. It uses body-positive stickers to undermine censorship of the female form on social media platforms. 

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This past summer, DiMarco sat down to develop the app and attempt to make Nood a tangible reality. The app isn’t just for nipples either—Nood allows ladies to cover their “vag,” “bits,” “marks,” and “perks,” with a variety of colorful icons ranging from pastel pinks to rich browns and a range of textures for all the hair follicles.

Nood is so much more than an app, though. DiMarco believes that it’s a movement where she can provide women with a safe space to display their bodies on their own terms.

But that’s not how the tech world sees it. Unfortunately, Nood has been rejected by both the Apple App Store and Google Play because it was labeled as “objectionable material.” 

Shame on you App Store. Our bodies should be treated equal.
It's 2018, either let us #FreeTheNipple or ban men's nipples on social media too.

Follow Nood's journey and fight the man:

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