Forbes named 99 men and only one woman on its list of ‘Successful Business Minds’


Source: Hello Giggles

Source: Hello Giggles

Forbes Magazine has captured the media’s attention this week, but not the good kind.

It seems that Forbes has overlooked the importance of equality this 2019, as the magazine published a controversial list of ‘the 100 most creative and successful business minds of today’ and only one of those names listed were female.

It was predictable that Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Facebook guru Mark Zuckerberg made it to the list; however, we didn’t predict that we would scroll down to No.75 to find the first and only woman.

Well, congratulations to Ross Stores CEO Barbara Rentler, for making it to the male-dominated list and we apologise that the magazine did not include your photo.

As the uproar continued, author of Forbes Randall Lane agrees that “we deserved the backlash”.

At least Lane had the audacity to email his employees that he was announcing a task force that would study how it “somehow missed the forest from the trees” and recommended that is future reference they will research projects more fairly.

But, how do we move forward as unified society if established organisations like Forbes, fail to recognise the importance of equality?

Gender inequality is a major issue on local, national and global levels. It affects the lives of individual men and women and stunts economic growth and hinders development.

In the words of James Brown, this is a man’s world but it wouldn’t be nothing, without a woman or a girl.

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