Gemma Cowling does London

We have lost Gemma Cowling to the town of London, but our paparazzi snapped her up and asked her some questions.

Favourite coffee in London: Redbull
Favourite op shop in London: every single one of them is precious
Favourite spot to sit and relax: even in London in the middle of winter parks are my favourite spot, and if it's not that I'll go to Pret a Manger, which is like Starbucks, but European.
Best cocktail: it's gotta be a classic G+T
Favourite aspect about living in London: the city planning here is a mess which means that you can get lost and always find a cool new spot.
How many times have you fallen in love in London: I'm waiting till marriage

Photography by Alyssa Cavanagh @ Neon Theory
Stylist: Madelaine DeRose Shäfer
H+M: Zaheer Sukhnandan