Model of the Week: GEORGIE PERKINS

We have a girl crush.

We caught up with the international super model by day, fun fact enthusiast by night, Georgie Perkins. She gave us an hour of her busy schedule to take some photos on the Sydney Harbour Bridge and answer some questions. 

A-Z: Hi Georgie! What inspired you to become a model?
Georgie: Being broke... I needed a new job haha! 

A-Z: You are super well travelled, which seat on the plane is the best to snag if you can? 
Georgie: Definitely the exit row, aisle seat.

A-Z: What is your biggest vice that you shouldn’t have as a model but do?
Georgie: Being a bit of a klutz and bumping elbows and knees all the time - constantly covered in ugly bruises! 

A-Z: What is your dream photo shoot and with what brand/magazine?
Georgie: Dream photo shoot is maybe with Tim Walker but I’d be with rabbits and little ducklings, eating fairy floss and shooting with ASAP Rocky. Not sure which magazine would take that pitch, but that’s the dream.

A-Z: Can you describe your off duty style? 
Georgie: Off duty style is generally super colourful and uncoordinated. And I love socks and slides in winter... it’s a good day if the socks are matching. 

A-Z: Apparently you love giving fun facts, would you like to share one with us? 
Georgie: Haha I do love fun facts! Hmm, my favourite one going around is that a blue whale’s tongue can weigh as much as an elephant! I’m full of this useless but super interesting stuff... I should probably find another hobby.

If you want to find out more useless but interesting facts, follow @geeperkins on Instagram.

Agency: Priscilla's
Photography: Samantha Claire Hughes
Clothing: PAM Store


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