Editorial: Making Waves

Georgy Collection is the newest brand on the Adelaide block.

Only one season in, and their already making some serious waves in the industry. We were lucky enough to pop into their showroom and pick out some of our favourite pieces to style up in our newest editorial. 

Created by the most adorable married couple, Georgina Tsiavilis and Paul Tsiavilis - the brand exists to make women feel empowered and sexy. 

With over twenty years in the fashion manufacturing industry, and some pretty serious stockists and celebrities backing the brand, it's only going to be an upwards journey for the power couple of the year. 

You may have already spotted our favourite Selene Bodysuit Slip on Miss Universe Australia 2017, Olivia Rogers, or the bold Zoe Pant set on Laura Jade Stone

The brand's ethos sit side by side what most women want and need in a key piece - high quality, elegant, luxurious but still affordable. 

By purchasing Georgy Collection you're not only tapping into a new empire, but your also supporting local jobs and businesses in South Australia.

We'll take the lot thanks.

Bonnie wears earrings from By Jem

You can purchase Georgy Collection here:

Photography: Adam Stanley
Model: Bonnie Chapman @ AZALEA
Makeup: Lydie-Ann Ahoure
Styling: Stacey Hendrickson


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