Gucci apologises and stops selling $1000 'blackface' jumper

Ya what?

Source: Gucci

Source: Gucci

How this slipped past internal staff without being flagged, I have no idea.

Gucci is a brand that we have seen pride itself on being a voice for global activism, gender equality, self expression, and racial issues in the past. They have recently launched their first issue of CHIME Zine which will be distributed to universities around the world, as well as a very popular Gucci podcast.

So how can a company that has been so in tune with world issues, have released a polo neck sweater that is obviously inspired by blackface?

Yes, we are also wondering how this is even a thing in 2019.

But can we even be surprised? Last year Dolce & Gabbana were forced to pull their Chinese fashion show after racist accusations, and then it was Prada for selling a line of accessories that featured a character with brown skin that resembled blackface.

When will these design teams educate themselves on a bit of history?


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