Gucci launches a capsule collection inspired by puppies

Who let the dogs out?

On February 16th, millions of people around the world will be celebrating Chinese New Year. 

To mark the beginning of the Year of the Dog, Gucci just dropped an amazing new range all inspired by our favourite creatures in the world, puppers.

The new dog motifs were inspired by a pillow that the artist Helen Downie, AKA Unskilled Worker, gave to Gucci creative director, Alessandro Michele, which featured an illustration of his two Boston terriers, Bosco and Orso.

So inspired infact, that Michele designed 63 pieces for the capsule collection, including fine jewellery, handbags, purses, jackets, watches, caps, luggage and hoodies. 

The Italian fashion house has just launched their e-commerce platform in China, which happens to be great timing. Considering the Chinese fashion consumer market is the quickest growing in the world, it really is a super smart move by the top brand.

In 2015, China had 329 million online shoppers, which is more than ten times the mere population of Australia. 

Someone please tag my partner in this, Valentine's Day is coming up and Mumma wants a new bag.

Purchase these doggy pieces here:

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