Here are 7 ways you can grow your hair faster

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Photo source: Chloe

Photo source: Chloe


Growing your hair out can be a slow process, but no one said speeding up hair growth is impossible. Here are seven tips to fulfil your long luscious hair dreams!

1. Caffeine

Research has shown that caffeine is actually a stimulant for hair follicles. When topically applied, caffeine blocks DHT, a chemical known to damage hair follicles. According to German scientists in Lübeck, caffeine can speed up normal hair growth by up to 25 per cent. However, drinking coffee won’t help your hair grow in this case. Sorry!

2. Give your hair a break from styling products

Build-up from hair products, as well as dirt and oils can clog your hair follicles and slow the hair growing process. Every now and then, give your scalp a break and refrain from using styling products on the root areas of your hair. These products include your everyday dry shampoo and volumising powders.

3. Just let your hair be

While colouring chemically straightening your hair can be exciting, the process can strip away natural essential oils that stimulate growth in your scalp. This goes for using shampoo daily as well. Sometimes, it’s just better to let your hair breathe! Excessive heat-styling and brushing can also leave the hair brittle, causing the ends of hair to break off and shorten your luscious locks.

4. Exfoliate and massage your scalp

As mentioned earlier, unclogging excess sebum and product build-up from hair follicles is vital for healthy hair growth. By using a detoxifying shampoo like the AVEDA Invati Advanced Exfoliating Shampoo once a week, your healthy scalp will only thank you. Aside from being extremely relaxing, massaging your scalp promotes hair growth as it boosts the blood circulation in your scalp. Now, getting a getting a professional head massage every week isn’t very feasible, but you can get your hands on a scalp massager for your everyday shower routine. If not, using your own hands would also easily suffice!

5. Loosen those tight hair ties!

Fun fact—your hair might be breaking because of how tight you tie your hair! If you want to grow your hair, wearing tight elastics repetitively at the same place will damage your hair and that’s the last thing we want for hair growth. When opting for hair ties that aren’t damaging, hair coils are your new best friend. With these telephone wire-like hair ties, less pressure it placed on your hair. Say goodbye to those kinks in your hair!

6. Get your hair did

Sadly, regular trims won’t stimulate hair growth. However, a fresh trim will make ends appear coarser with the removal of those brittle split ends. Also, you’re going to have to end up snipping off your dead ends so in the long run, you’re just speeding things up and keeping your hair looking fresh.

7. Diet and supplements

Believe it or not but your diet affects your hair growth. Taking in sufficient levels of iron, B vitamins, zinc and protein is ideal to promote healthy hair. Adding spirulina will easily help your hair grow with its chlorophyll rich properties. Taking supplements with Vitamin B, Iron or other minerals can give your hair an extra boost in growth.


Words by Jenny Qian

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