Model of the Week: HANNAH MARWICK

Hello good lookin’

A-Z: Hey Hannah, during a photo shoot what is the first and last thing you think about?
If its a shoot that I have to travel to I’m usually thinking, I hope I can stay awake, I also wonder what outfits I’ll be shooting in. The last thing I think about is probably how the photos are going to turn out and also the nap I’ll be taking straight after haha!

A-Z: What was it like growing up in Port Pirie?
Growing up in Port Pirie was awesome as a kid, I use to play front yard cricket on the road with my neighbours without any cars coming past. My childhood was always very fun and enjoyable! Now that I have grown up I still love Pirie but it does get a bit boring as there isn’t much to do.

A-Z: Growing up in the country what was your perception of the modeling industry?
When I was little I use to walk around in my mums heels and watch Australia’s Next Top Model, I never really thought much of modelling as I thought it would be difficult for a small town girl to start a job 3 hours away from her town. I also thought that you had to be well known to be a model, I didn’t know how to get my name out there so thought it wasn’t possible. I have loved Miranda Kerr since I was little so when finding out that I could be in the same industry as her I was pretty amazed.

A-Z: After getting signed to Freedom Models LA how did you celebrate?
I sent a Snapchat to my best friends and said guess who just got signed in LA and it was a photo of my insta bio, my best friends have been there since the get go so they were very excited to see me going places. I was pretty excited to say the least.

A-Z: When you were scouted on instagram what was your first reaction?
It was about 2015 and I was in Adelaide with my cousins. My cousin and I use to take photos of each other on our iPod touches in flower crowns and post them on Instagram, I received a comment from @azaleamodels on my photo, basically asking how tall I am and to get in contact, my cousin and I were super excited and pretty sure spoke about it for the rest of the day.

A-Z: This year was your first time modelling for AFF, which show was your personal favourite?
Yes it sure was! Loved every minute of it, even though I loved being a part of Acler that was so much fun.

A-Z: If you had to permanently look like a Snapchat filter, what one would you choose?
I literally use the butterfly filter everyday so definitely that one

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