Model of the Week: HANNAH MILLER

What a face

A-Z: Hey Hannah, congrats on finishing high school! What has the rollercoaster of senior year taught you?
This past year has taught me so many amazing things. It’s taught me who my true friends are, if I work hard I can achieve anything and that it’s true that I can balance modelling with school if i’m passionate about it.

A-Z: What are your after school plans?
My after school plans include relaxing and taking a gap year to see where modelling takes me.

A-Z: This year you want to London, how different is the modelling industry over there?
The modelling industry is extremely different and so much more relaxed!!! Girls turn up to castings whenever they please, wear whatever they’d like and one girl even brought her dog along to a casting.

A-Z: What was your favourite thing to do in London on your days off?
The weather was insanely good so whenever I’d have days off my friend I made form America and myself would explore different markets and cute vintage stores. Was the best!!!

A-Z: What does getting signed at Next World Wide mean for you and your career?
It means I now I have more than 1 incredible agent!!! Next World Wide could potentially send me overseas again in the future which would extend my modelling experiences.

A-Z: Picture this: Anna Wintour wants you to design your very own Vogue cover, what does it look like?
Romee Strijid, on a beach, really overcast day, her lying on the sand in Paolo Sebastian.

Photos by Jeremy Orr
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