7 inspiring women that should be on your radar

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Source: Vogue

Source: Vogue

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we want to pay tribute to some pretty inspiring women out there. These ladies inspire us to not be afraid to make waves and go against the grain.

Alyce and Caroline Tran

Let’s play a game. Look at your phone case. Does it have your initials monogrammed into the back? Well then it’s probably from The Daily Edited, and if it isn’t, then it’s probably a copy.

South Australian born Alyce Tran started The Daily Edited in 2011, it is reportedly now worth approximately 30 million dollars, and available in every David Jones nationwide and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Meanwhile, her little sister Caroline Tran, has just been named Fashion Editor for Harper’s Bazaar and Elle Australia.

They are both under 30.


Lisa Buhler

Lisa Buhler was working for American powerhouse, Nasty Gal, as a women’s buyer until 2011. In fact if you bought anything from NG around that time, then she probably sourced it, thanks Lis.

Buhler left the safety of her consistent pay check to start her own project, Lisa Says Gah!

LSG is an eco-friendly and feminist ‘shop-slash-blog-slash-interview series’, that stocks some of the coolest threads you’ve ever seen.

So where is her Netflix series?


Winnie Harlow

Winnie Harlow has just become the first ever model with vitiligo to pose for Sports Illustrated, a skin condition that causes patches of the skin to lose pigmentation.

’America’s Next Top Model’ alumni is the epitome of being comfortable and confident in your own skin, and that being different is something to be proud of. Harlow was teased growing up, being called a ‘cow girl’ and a zebra.

The 24 year old Canadian born model has previously modelled for Victoria Secret, Marc Jacobs, Coach, and Tommy Hilfiger.


Eloise Hall and Isobel Marshall

Eloise and Isobel are a teen duo tackling period poverty in underdeveloped countries. They started the non profit company ‘TABOO’ in 2016 while still in high school. Their aim is to sell and distribute sanitary products around Australia, with all profits used to ensure that women around the world have access to sustainable sanitary care and education.

What were you doing when you were eighteen?


Amelia Zadro

Amelia is an Australian model who is now freelancing in London, while trying to change up the industry and the way client’s see and book models. You may recognise this beauty from being on the books of Chic Management in Sydney, whom which she is still represented.

After being in the game for almost ten years, Zadro’s body now represents something more of a beautiful woman rather than an under developed teenager, which she is sharing so confidently with the world. And we are all about that.


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