Model of the Week: Jess Billing

The coolest sheila you'll ever meet.

New model, Jess Billing joined us at the Adelaide airport before she takes the world by storm.

A-Z: Hi Jess! What a gorgeous face you have. Growing up, did you ever think you'd be a model?
I never thought I’d be a model to be honest, I always thought of myself as the dweeby kid with a mono brow, if it wasn't for my mum I would of waxed my brows off back then, I HATED them!

A-Z: Tell us three fun facts about yourself.
I have three horses and a wild rabbit called Kenny, I loooove chicken parmis, and I know all the words to Pulp Fiction.

A-Z: How were you scouted?
AZALEA scouted me when I was fifteen, in Maccas at Glenelg. I was quite content with my Double Quarter Pounder Meal and before I could even take a bite a lovely young lady came and asked for my age and name, a classic place to scout a model!
Anyway I decided to concentrate on school and three years later on my 18th birthday I was messaged by Stacey to come back and join the family! Honestly it was the best decision to come back I regret not staying.

A-Z: What does being Australian mean to you?
To me, being Australian means having a 'no worries' attitude and putting others before yourself, I feel so blessed to live in the free country that we do and I am incredibly grateful, if I could give the same lifestyle and attitude to someone less fortunate I would in a heart beat.

A-Z: If you were kicked out of Australia and had to live somewhere else for the rest of your life, where would it be and why?
If I was to be kicked out I would move to Ireland straight away! Even as a young girl I have dreamed of living in the Irish countryside and competing in the showjumping with my own grey Irish sport horse.

A-Z: What would you have been kicked out for?
Australia would honestly kick me out for eating all the Vegemite.
Most girls would like a nice dinner for a date, me on the other hand would be ecstatic with vegemite on toast!


Model: Jessica Billing @ AZALEA
Photography: Jeremy Orr

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