Kanye West is opening a restaurant

As if this guy doesn’t do enough!

Photo credit: The New Yorker

Photo credit: The New Yorker


Let’s just admit the Kanye West is the man of all trades—music, design, fashion, architecture.

What could he possibly venture out to next?

Apparently, after rapping about food for years (hurry up with my damn croissant!), a source from Radar claims he’s in the works of opening his own restaurant in Calabasas.

“Kanye’s shopping for the ideal premises to create a flagship restaurant in Calabasas,” the source said.

So what kind of food should we expect?

According to the source, Kanye wants to create “high-end comfort food just like his mom used to make – but with a price tag that’s as eye-watering as it is mouth-watering, of course”.

Kanye isn’t the first rapper to start his own restaurant business. In fact, his rapper friend, Nas, has opened a wildly popular chicken and waffles food chain, Sweet Chick.

The source said that Kanye was inspired by Nas’ success in his business venture, having already opened up four restaurants in America.

“Kanye watched him [Nas] build that business practically overnight and it lit a fire under him.”

Would you eat at Kanye’s restaurant?

Words by Jenny Qian

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