Is Kimmy K leaking luxury designers' looks to fast fashion stores for profit?

Conspiracy theory or coincidence?

Source: Mashable

Source: Mashable

Too much proof in this pudding.

While fast fashion companies have long been ripping off styles from independent and established designers and then reselling them for a more affordable price, the rate and speed at which this is occurring has risen dramatically in recent years.

Clothes worn by celebrities and influencers are being copied and re-appropriated by sites like Missguided and Fashion Nova sometimes in mere hours after the looks are debuted.

Knock off designs are appearing so quickly in fact that they are even being created before the original is worn in public. Well, this is what has happened with a recent vintage Mugler gown that Kim Kardashian West wore the other night.

Diet Prada, an Instagram account which is renowned for calling out unoriginality, discovered sources that show Fashion Nova had an entire photoshoot with the copycat dress (aptly named “Kim dress”) 4 days before Kim wore the original dress to the Hollywood Beauty Awards.

A few weeks ago Kim also posted a Yeezy dress fitting on Instagram and jokingly begged fast fashion companies to wait until she wears it out before they “knock it off”. Missguided responded hours later with an identical dress captioned. “The devil works hard but Missguided works harder”.

Interestingly, the all too convenient and timely post was quickly deleted. Though Kim has blasted the fast fashion industry for taking the “blood, sweat and tears of true designers” and now denied her support and involvement with sites like Fashion Nova who has also released a carefully worded statement that claims they have not worked “directly” with KKW, things still look and feel very suspicious.

Is this all an elaborate scheme cooked up by mastermind momager Kris Jenner to find a way to finally profit off copycat companies?

This glamorous mess is far from over.

Words by Lydia Heise

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