Lady Gaga just launched a website for her beauty line, Haus Beauty

Waiting with our credit cards in hand



This lady has been going from strength to strength.

After making our mascara run in an amazing performance in ‘A Star Is Born’, Gaga rightfully won three Grammy awards and cemented herself as not only an amazing vocalist but also an incredible actor.

Perhaps it was the lack of reliable waterproof mascara that she saw run down thousands of faces which inspired her next speculated move.

Dedicated Gaga sources would tell you that her company Ate My Heart Inc. filed a trademark in 2018, under ‘Haus Beauty’ in the sector of cosmetics, skincare and perfume.

These reliable stalkers have reported that a blank website has just gone live under For now, the website is just a blank, black site where you can input your email address. But we’ll be waiting patiently with our credit card in hand.

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