Model of the Week: LANNY LUTTRELL

Coolest girl in Hobart

Lanny graced us with her presence in Adelaide, dressed by Fairfax and photographed by Jeremy Orr.

Age: 14
Agency: AZALEA Models
Height: 5’10

A-Z: Hi Lanny! What a cute name, where did it come from?
Lanny: I have always been nicknamed Lanny from when I was little, I remember my dad always used to put my favourite blanket over my head and say 'Lanny Lou, where are you?' And all my friends call me Lanny, no one really refers to me as Alannah unless I am in trouble.

A-Z: How were you scouted?
Lanny: It was at the end of November and I was scouted in the shopping mall in Hobart, when I was with my two friends about to catch the bus back home after school. It was actually such a coincidence because we had already walked up to the bus stop and then there was a bit of a long wait so we all agreed to come down and look in the shops. I was in a shop called Edge, and Stacey and Hannah Marwick (who I didn't know yet) started saying 'Excuse me, excuse me!' and I thought our big school bags were in the way so I kept telling my friends to keep moving so they could get passed. But then we had a conversation about the industry and Stacey asked if I had ever thought about modelling (which I hadn't) and then about the workshop happening over the next two days.
At the end of our conversation Stacey gave me her business card which read 'SCOUTED' on it and told me to email her and hoped to see me at the workshop!
I was so excited and super shocked! My friend and I had a sleepover that night and we were reading up on modelling and some tips so I wasn't totally dumb about the concept. The next day I went along and had the time of my life and learnt so much and then about two weeks ago I spent a week in Adelaide which is where AZALEA is based and I did my first 6 photo shoots in 40 degree temperatures, and a runway lesson.

A-Z: What's it like to live in a little place like Tasmania?
Lanny: I guess it is like living anywhere else, we have all the normal stuff like shopping malls, supermarkets, parks, beaches, pools and we just recently got a trampoline centre! But the facilities are no where near as big as everywhere else! I love being outdoors and being adventurous, especially going to the beach. I love going jetty jumping and going on the ski-biscuit and fishing and bike riding and going to my Shack at Orford, which is a small town on the east coast of Tassie. My favourite beach, Spring Beach has white sand and an amazing view, and is a 5 minute walk from my shack!

A-Z: What are you watching on Netflix at the moment?
Lanny: At the moment on Netflix I am watching Riverdale, Pretty Little Liars and Twilight. I am desperately awaiting season three of Stranger Things.

A-Z: Would you rather: never be able to cross the street without holding someone's hand, or have to say 'question mark' out loud after every time you ask a question?
Lanny: I would rather say question mark after every time I ask a question. It would get very frustrating, but if you think about it, we write a question mark down, so why not say it? And plus Tassie weather is very temperamental so it could be cold one minute and hot the next so I wouldn't want to be holding anyone's sweaty hands!

A-Z: What is your go-to party trick?
Lanny: My go to party trick is actually my hidden talent, I can suck both of my nostrils in to the centre of my nose and they stay there for quite a while! I know it is a little weird but I have a really thin nose so that's how I am able to do it!

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