Leonardo DiCaprio Raises $5 million for the Amazon Blaze

As if Rose let Jack go!

Source: Mirror

Source: Mirror

We could kiss Leonardo DiCaprio’s feet right now; however, that gesture does not sound appealing like the $US5 million dollars raised for the Amazon bushfires.

We knew that our Titanic-sweetheart was an outspoken climate activist but we weren’t ready for this.

DiCaprio has collaborated with buisness investors and philanthropists, to form the ‘Earth Alliance’ foundation. The foundation proudly raised $US5 million, which has been donated to Native American tribes and five local wildfire organisations, to help control the blaze.

DiCaprio’s support for the environment doesn’t stop there. His social status has allowed him to be a voice to the people. Using his power to express his concerns on social media, that humanity is not conscious of their decisions.

DiCaprio voiced a list of ideas that could be considered to save the lungs of the earth.

He states, “VOTE for leaders who understand the urgency of our climate change crisis and are willing to take bold action – including strong governance and forward-thinking policy” and adds “the Amazon needs more than our prayers, so what can YOU do?”

DiCaprio’s actions have started a motion on social media, with other celebrities helping spread the word. R&B singer Miguel, pushed fans to tag the United Nations through an Instagram post with the caption, “Don’t pray for Brazil or the Amazon. Pray for yourself. This is a WORLD emergency and affects our security.”

Even the millionaires of the world can comprehend, that money won’t solve all problems, but environmental- friendly decision making will.

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