Meet Cate Blanchett’s future wife

A-Z: Hi Linnea! What is your favourite perk about being a model and how did the industry meet or fault to meet your expectations?

Linnea: Hey! The best perk; I would definitely have to be the people in the industry, it's full of some pretty creative and open-minded people. In terms of meeting my expectations, I would say its a lot more laid-back then what I initially envisioned, and I'm not mad about it. 

A-Z: What did you learn during your time at ANTM that has actually helped you during your career?

Linnea: For the modelling side of the experience I learnt practically everything, I'd actually never been in a photoshoot or anything even remotely similar before entering ANTM, so as you could imagine I learnt a lot, mainly what does/doesn't look good front of the camera. 

A-Z: You are also an actress, how did you get into acting?

Linnea: I've always had that burning passion for it, so I guess it started in school by just taking drama as an elective, now I take classes at a few places around Sydney, its a hard industry to break into but I'm working on it. 

A-Z: What is the weirdest thing you have been asked to do as a model?

Linnea: This one time I was in thigh-high horse riding chaps, a g-string leotard and a cowboy hat, in the middle of centennial park, at least I got a laugh out of the looks I was getting. 

A-Z: If could choose to go on another reality TV show what one would it be and why? 

Linnea: Because I can unfortunately never be a drag queen, can we compromise and ill be a judge on ru-pauls drag race instead? 

A-Z: Lastly, do you believe in love at first sight?

Linnea: Look I think if I saw Cate Blanchett in real life I believe would suddenly believe in love at first sight, but until then I'm sceptical. 

Photography: Samantha Hughes

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