Louis Vuitton Menswear Spring 2019

If only our boyfriends could dress this well...

Image credit: Vogue.com 


Virgil Abloh’s name has been trendy ever since the debut of his Instagram made brand Off-White four years ago.

Marred by claims of appropriation and the fashions worlds’ hesitation to validate his credibility, heading Louis Vuitton’s menswear is a victory so great that he embraced Kanye after the show with tears in their eyes.

Abloh is good at making wearable clothes that are in line with the zeitgeist of today.  Like many designers he is incorporating streetwear into a luxury brand, however, it’s clear he is one of the pioneers of this strategic marketing concept. 


Despite consumers looking mainly for clothes they can picture in their own closets, Abloh still stepped outside of the box by incorporating ‘The Wizard of Oz’ motifs on jackets and jumpers.  

Most of the show was made up of stark whites, with hints of fluorescent colours that were offset by neutral tones, some tie-dye, and mink white jackets. Abloh also experimented with sheer panels, fencing suits like vests and cashmere hoodies.

Image Credit: Vogue.com

Image Credit: Vogue.com


Overall, the collection was quite relaxed; there was something for the workman, nonchalant businessman (who probably works for a media startup), the skater dude and the hip-hop enthusiast.


Words by Faye Couros

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