Gigi Hadid's mum just launched her own version of America's Next Top Model

Holy shit balls.


Yolanda Hadid, who you may also recognise from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, has just created her own reality TV show where six young girls across America compete for the win and to be managed by IMG Worldwide. Think America's Next Top Model meets Dance Moms.

The girls, aged 13-16 travel to New York City with their self-confessed stage mums. Over the three months the mother-daughter teams live under the one roof while competing in weekly competitions and lessons. In the eight-episode debut season we see a lot of highs and lows, including bullying, tantrums of jealousy, and conspiracy theories about favouritism. We see cameo's from our two favourite Hadids (sorry Anwar), Devon Windsor and Tommy Hilfiger himself! 

Here's a sneak peek of the contestants, who by the way, were all scouted via social media by Yolanda's team.

Mikayla Gilles

mikayla giles.jpg

Age: 16
Hometown: Chicago
Why you'll love her: She's the type of girl you just want to be best friends with, because she's not about drama and you know she'll always have your back.
Why you'll hate her: Because she's obviously Yolanda's favourite, der.

Mackenzie Rooney


Age: 16
Hometown: Missouri
Why you'll love her: Her battle with social anxiety would make you expect for her to be the under dog, but we can admire that Mackenzie has overcome a huge obstacle that the other girls in the competition would probably know nothing about - and well, look at that face!
Why you'll hate her: You'll just want to jump into the TV screen and give her a hug so she stops crying.

Lilyan Cole

lily cole.jpg

Age: 15
Hometown: Oklahoma
Why you'll love her: Her southern accent
Why you'll hate her: Sorry Yolanda, but we're not a fan. Anyone who bullies others does not sit well with us, not to mention she ended up crying more than the girl she was teasing for crying too much. We hope she can watch the show back and remove the chip from her shoulder. 

Breanna Bunevacz


Age: 13
Hometown: LA
Why you'll love her: Her Mum, because she makes home-made vagina wipes
Why you'll hate her: You'll just want to shake her and tell her to stop being friends with Lilyan


Age: 13
Hometown: Portland
Why you'll love her: Her hair is everything
Why you'll hate her: Her mum won't sit on it and just let Yolanda do her thing.

If you live in Australia you can watch 'Making A Model' here:

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