Five reasons why we can't wait for Mardi Gras 2019 this weekend

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Source: HuffPost

Source: HuffPost

It’s time to put the glitter into practice and work on your dance moves, as this year is the 41st time Sydney sees witness to this vibrant and flamboyant festivity.

A period of representation, more than of one’s sexuality, but to express individuality, unity and togetherness. Last year was the first year to celebrate this event after equal marriage rights were legalised in Australia.

1. Courtney Act 

Australia’s most famed drag queen Courtney Act, will be making an appearance at Mardi Gras official after party, which will be mentioned in reason number 5. You most likely know this queen from Australian Idol 2003, or RuPaul’s Drag Race. Surely you have seen RuPaul’s or we highly recommend that you catch up on stand, it contains more drama then Australia’s beloved Married at First Sight.


2. The Parade

Who wouldn’t want to witness Dykes on Bikes, Drag Queens, Sydney Lifesavers and an array of other floats. To be a part of a parade which stops the nation. The parade is the heart of Mardi Gras with an expected 300,000 people attending the event all glitz and glamour and walking in heels longer than life, as they say this event was not formed for the faint-hearted.

3. Oxford Street and The Rainbow Crossing

ARQ, The Colombian, Baby Bear Bar, The Dolphin, Harpoon Harry, Palms and Universal, not trying to name drop but the list could go on and these are only a few of Oxford Streets popular venues.  These venues contain drag show extravaganzas, themed parties, DJs, laser lights, trivia nights and much more.

If Oxford Street wasn’t bright enough, you wouldn’t miss it now.  Five years after Sydney's popular rainbow crossing on glittering Oxford Street was removed in the middle of the night, it is coming back. Its removal sparked public backlash and made international headlines. But this year the rainbow crossing returns.


4. Glitter Ban

The rumour is true, Mardi Gras has banned the sparkly stuff. 

If you’re all about saving the environment, this year’s Mardi Gras is for you, as they put a ban on glitter. Before we worry you, it’s not banned from the outfits which make our heartbeat race, but from the 3 million tons of glitter projected into the crowd which is cool but irrelevant.

To replace the glitter, plastic free alternatives made from eucalyptus trees and LED lights and lanterns to dazzle onlookers.


5. Official After Party

The after party that never ends.

Well, technically it ends but it goes on until all hours of the morning, as an electronic lineup of musicians, dancers and DJs perform.

Multi award-winning Aussie dance stalwarts PNAU, pop sensation Kim Petras, Brooke Powers, Amanda Louise and The Dollar Bin Darlings are all on the lineup. And we couldn’t be more thrilled.  

Words by Adrianna Dimopoulos

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