Ever wonder how models stay fit during Adelaide Fashion Festival?

M Body saves the day again, one ab crunch at a time.

Adelaide Fashion Festival was one hectic week - imagine walking in four shows a day, with fittings and rehearsals in between. You're tired and you didn't get enough time to pack lunch, and the only option is to eat the greasy deep fried pizza backstage. Your skin has broken out because all of the heavy makeup and you haven't had time to exercise since you tried on that custom made Couture gown by your favourite local designer, Paolo Sebastian. 

The answer? A Sunday morning work out from M Body before the last big day. 

Our favourite personal trainer, Henny Moody, and founder of M Body Studio, took four AZALEA Models under her wing to train them as per her new 'Love Your Body' workout E-Book.  Half a litre of sweat later - Kate, Simona, Casey and Rebecka were ready to take on the last day of Adelaide Fashion Festival like a pro.

Video by Madeleine Gill

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