Model of the Week: Milan

Meet the coolest girl ever.

Milan likes walking along the beach in the pouring rain.

A-Z: G'Day Milan! How the hell are ya?
Milan: I’m so so good! Enjoying my time in this amazing city, never a boring day! Love being here on the best trip!

A-Z: Can you please tell us more about yourself?
Milan: So my name is Milan van Eeten. My last name is the Dutch word for 'eating'. I turned 20 on the first day here in Sydney. Best birthday gift ever and first trip where I am not a teenager anymore. When I am not busy with exploring the world during my work I live in the Netherlands with my parents, sister and cute sausage dog, Cato. When I am home I work as a barista in an espresso bar in Utrecht, and as a volunteer one day a week in a day care for creative older people with dementia. I think they are such inspiring people, they give me so much energy.

A-Z: How did you get your name? Are you named after the city of Milan?
Milan: There are a lot of confusions about my name, especially with my work. If people ask me; what is your name? They think I misunderstood and tell them that I’m from Milan in Italy. A lot of people already assume that I’m from Italy, but my English accent will show that I’m from Holland. My parents just love the name Milan, I’m not named after the city Milan. In Holland, Milan is also more of a boys' name.

A-Z: Have you tried Pokemon Go or Tinder in Australia yet? 
Milan: I am not a Tinder kind of girl. When I am traveling I prefer to make contact in person. So I can make friends all over the world. But maybe I need to give it a shot! What do you think, do you recommend the app? I skipped the whole Pokemon Go hype. I never saw a single episode of Pokémon. I was more a Winx Club kind of girl.

A-Z: If you could have brought three things with you to Australia, what would it be?
Milan: This one is the easiest! I actually brought my sister this time. We are really close and I’ve not been home much for the last 6 months. When she heard that I had plans to come to Sydney the first thing she said was, 'I am coming!' Australia was number 1 on our bucket list.
Secondly, my grandmother, it’s a shame that the doesn’t fit in my suitcase otherwise I would definitely bring here with me. When I am home, we have dinner every Monday. So all the Mondays abroad, I miss her and her meals.
And last but not least, peanut butter! I have tried a lot while traveling. But at home we have the best! My suitcase is always to heavy because of all my clothes otherwise I will bring a bucket of 10kg of Calvé peanut butter! 

A-Z: If you could take back three things from Australia to home, what would it be?
Milan: The perfect vintage jacket. I will make room for this one! Still searching for it, but the vintage is amazing over here, so I have a good shot to find it this time! The bigger the jacket, the better. Love oversized clothes. Tips are welcome!
Lots and lots of coffee. Probably addicted to it. Then the real barista comes up to me! Can’t wait to make some myself when I am back home. And taste all of the good coffee I have brought to share with my friends.
The sea, the beach (which are so much nicer here), a surfboard (and some skills). I am dying to know all about surfboarding. Even tough I still need a lot (lot, lot, lot) of lessons. I would love to pick up that whole picture and take it with me. 

A-Z: What has been the highlight of your modelling career so far?
Milan: I think the start of my career was immediately my highlight. I started with walking as an exclusive in the haute couture show of Versace. Working together with an amazing team and walking together with all the big names in this industry was amazing. I learnt a lot!
I think another highlight for me is going to a new country over and over again. Experience a new culture, meeting new people and start over again in a new city. I’ve been and will go to places where I would never have without modelling. 

Model: Milan van Eeten @ Chadwick
Photography: Samantha Claire Hughes
Clothing: I AM GIA, and model's own

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