Model of the Week: Tiggy Ridgway

This girl is on fire.

We caught up with Aussie beauty, Tiggy Ridgway and found out what makes her tick about the industry.

A-Z: Hello Tiggy, we love your name! Where does it come from?
Hello gorgeous humans. My real name is actually Tegan. My mum always calls me Tiggy for fun and my agent heard it a few years back and caught onto the name. Its catchy and cute, and anything to stand out in this industry can help.

A-Z: Can you please tell us more about yourself?
Well I grew up on a cattle/sheep farm near Albany in Western Australia, and still call it home. Its a great escape to go back to after spending a few months abroad in busy bustling cities. I grew up raising baby lambs and calves, we even adopted a gorgeous red kangaroo joey from up north and raised him, his name was Ned and the next one we got we called Kelly, can't get more Aussie than that. 

A-Z: Are you a permanent resident in Sydney now? 
I have been back in Sydney for about two months now and will head off in the next few weeks. I tend to flitter back here in-between overseas trips. I always go home for Christmas and hope to head back before I go to London. I have worked in New Zealand, South Korea, Tokyo, London and Germany so far.

A-Z: How were you scouted?
It started by my mum making me do a deportment and grooming class in my hometown to help build my confidence, and to get some control over my long teenage limbs. From there I went for a competition in the South West, I became the face and was scouted by a Perth agency at fifteen.

A-Z: What has been the highlight of your modelling career so far?
One of the biggest highlights was working for Suitcase Magazine, I was flown with the team from London to Kenya where we spent three days doing Safari tours and shooting in different locations in the Maasai Mara National Park. Not everyone can say their daily work hazard was avoiding being eaten by a lion whilst wearing Maison Valentino dresses. I had to hand feed a rescue Giraffe named Daisy whilst standing on a chair and trying to keep her close to me and preoccupied by food so she wouldn’t knock me flying.
Shooting in Ireland for TATLER Magazine is another favourite, the Irish were super friendly and I had the opportunity to shoot in a garden in Wicklow which looked like something out of Alice in Wonderland. 

A-Z: Tell us what you love to hate about the industry, and what you hate to love?
I LOVE hating the unpredictability of the Industry. Nothing is ever a guarantee. You never know what's around the corner, whether that be a Harper’s shoot and a direct booking to some exotic location or no work for weeks. 
I HATE to love the mayhem backstage at shows. Everyone can be in such a flap! Yelling and running around, people tugging your hair and accidentally burning your scalp with blow dryers, the hair spray fumes mixed with the smoke machine is intoxicating. But I secretly love the buzz and rush of it all.

Model: Tiggy Ridgway @ Chadwick
Photography: Samantha Claire Hughes
Clothing: I AM GIA, and model's own

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